IDG Maritime provides infrastructure development support and specialises in the operational, economic and commercial aspects of transport-related projects. We work for international clients involved in shipping, ports, transport and logistics and have worked in Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

IDG Maritime’s approach is essentially practical. It starts with an analysis by consultants who have operational or professional experience in the subject area and from this we agree a scheme of work jointly with the client.

Based on the agreed scheme of work, we will define the team, time-scale and cost needed to deliver the agreed objectives. IDG Maritime works with companies and professionals drawn from a rich pool of expertise within Maritime London and from further afield. In most cases, we build a project team from organisations with whom we have worked before - a tried and tested network of consultants, professionals, academics, trade organisations and institutions. In this way, we ensure that the right skills are available to meet the client’s needs at the right time and in the most economical way.

IDG Maritime also offers CPD (Continual Professional Development)-based education and training partnerships. These partnerships can be integrated into management development programmes designed to provide skilled, motivated and effective personnel capable of meeting the challenges of an ever changing maritime environment..