Education & Training
In a world where both jobs and personnel change ever faster, education and training cannot be ignored. Through its unique contacts in the maritime world, IDG Maritime offers a range of services from operator skills to management development.

Economic Analysis
Supply and demand, trade predictions and the translation of these theoretical figures into an operational requirement, both for port development and fleet expansion.

Port Design & Operations
Flowing through from the economic analysis, IDG can deliver from conceptual design to the supervision of construction works, centred on the international expertise of experienced sister companies.

Trade Logistics
Solutions for improving the flow of primary and other commodities from source to port and onward to the end user.

Financing & Funding
Success in attracting funding depends on the basic strength of the business proposition and the skills with which both the proposition and the sponsoring company are presented. IDG has close working relations with a number of successful financial organisations.

Contracting & Privatisation
A robust and operationally effective legal infrastructure is an essential requirement for an active and expanding business. IDG's connections in the London legal world allows us to provide advice on these matters together with support in contract work and the limitation of liability.

Financial Information Systems
For applications for funding or for prospective privatisation, especially in developing or former command economies, the translation of company accounts is a key stage and an area of particular expertise for IDG's accounting and consulting connections.

Management & MIS
Development, expansion, privatisation, globalisation: all these changes and challenges require experienced managing. IDG can support this process, underpinned by our colleague's proven Management Information Systems and management training courses.

Environmental Impact Assessements
Environmental considerations must be addressed during the early stages of a project. Our colleagues at CTS Maritime provides EIA for the offshore industry and Wilkinson Environmental sponsors Integrated Decision Management, a method of resolving environmental disputes.

e-Marketing & e-Commerce
Technology and globalisation is changing the ways in which companies find their customers and then transact their business. IDG and our colleagues offer an online web-based marketing capability that will be developed into e-commerce services.

IDG Maritime uses its global contacts with manufacturers and suppliers to source, ship and deliver systems, machinery and equipment.